Find Someone

If you are concerned that someone you know is missing, we would suggest you contact the police in the first instance. Telephone 101 or click the following link to find and then visit your local police station. If the missing person is a child, or thought to be at serious risk of harm immediately call 999.  If you are in any doubt always seek advice from the police.  The UK Police National Missing Persons Bureau general information line is 0845 000 54 81.  Click here to download what the UK Missing Persons Bureau suggest you do as soon as someone you know goes missing.

If there are reasons why speaking to the police might be difficult for you, there are wonderful charities who offer help for free such as Missing People, Missing Kids, or others that are more specialized such as Adoption Search Reunion for example.  However, charities have limited time and resources and you may want a more focused service - that is where we can help.

So, have you lost touch with someone you love or do you wish to find someone you have never known? 

If you have lost touch with someone or want to:

  • Locate a missing family member
  • Reconnect with an old flame
  • Find a parent you have never known
  • Reminisce with an old school friend
  • Reunite a family
  • Revive old memories
  • Just need to locate someone

Working with us saves you time and is often more cost effective than you trying to trace the person yourself.  We have access to databases that are not available to the public and you have our dedicated time and attention which is difficult for independently funded charities such as Missing People to achieve.   Where necessary we can canvas friends and family and physically investigate, interview and search an area. When we find the person in question, we can approach them for you if that is what you would prefer.

It will help us if you can provide as much information as possible.  Ideally, we need:

  • Name and date of birth
  • Last known location and who they lived with
  • Any known locations and addresses either work or personal
  • A list of relatives or friends of the missing person, along with contact information

The following is helpful:

  • Photos of the person
  • A list of nicknames or aliases used by the person
  • A physical description, including height/weight, age, eye colour, build, etc.
  • A list of possessions the person might be carrying, such as jewellery, glasses, contact lenses, accessories, a purse, a wallet, ID cards, etc.
  • A list of scars, tattoos, and other identifying characteristics
  • A list of medications the person was taking, as well as allergies, handicaps, and other medical conditions
  • A list of places the person frequented
  • A description of the person’s car or a different mode of transportation

We will deal with your inquiry in a highly confidential and professional manner.  Rest assured that we use our gentle touch to be discrete and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. 

If we cannot find the person you are looking for then there is no charge.   The price is  £85 for a standard UK check and a PDF report is provided to you showing evidence of what we have learned.    If we find the person straight away we will always offer a discount .

For a free no obligation consultation call 0800 688 9007 or email on