Statement Taking: (Civil and Criminal)


Statements are very important because many court cases are dealt with on the papers alone.  Even when there is an oral hearing, it is unlikely that there will be the opportunity for a witness to tell the Court everything they know. As a result, the most important way to get the evidence of what happened before the Court is via a thorough and well written witness statement.

We use the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 as a best practice guide in obtaining a written statement.  For Section 9 Criminal Statements the use of the provision requires compliance with certain formalities that are essential to abide by so that the statement is admissible.  Further conditions apply in circumstances concerning provision of copies of exhibits or where witnesses are under 18 or cannot read.  It is essential to plan and prepare for each statement to make sure that we do the most thorough job possible.

Interviews must be conducted in a private setting free from distractions and time limitations. We are careful to establish rapport with the individual and as females we tend to use the gentle touch.  From this starting point we obtain the pure version account of the incident.  We can then assess and ask clarifying questions based upon the information they provided, by using open and probing questions. Without influencing, we obtain a truthful and accurate account of the facts which may be used in court during any future proceedings. The witnesses’ own words, detailed without opinion.

Taking witness statements can be time-consuming, as the statement-taker must question each witness about intricate details in order to compile the most thorough evidence possible to support the case, but our team is skilled in achieving this in a professional, courteous and gently tactful manner.

At The Lady Private Investigators our statement takers are trained and highly skilled in obtaining as much information as possible during statements, without leading the witness and whilst recording their evidence with complete accuracy.

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