Our surveillance investigators are often asked to provide evidence of adultery, cheating, cohabitation, or inappropriate friendships - in fact, any situation in which you require proof of the truth to help you in your life. For your peace of mind we can guarantee that all information is treated in the strictest confidence.

When you first suspect your spouse or partner of being unfaithful you may feel alone, you may feel paranoid and you may be wondering what you can do. It is an awful feeling and nobody chooses to be ‘the jealous type’. 

We are understanding and empathetic in our approach because we have all at different times been in your shoes.  We did a poll, and all our Private Investigators have been through a bad experience themselves so we really do get it 

One of our Investigators is CPCAB Counselling Qualified and you can request your initial consultation to be with her.  She will help you talk through your situation in a confidential and supportive way.

Following the initial consultation we will be able to propose a plan to you based on your individual circumstances.  When we have agreed the plan, we get to work and keep you up to date throughout.

Our private investigators are second to none when it comes to surveillance services and we pride ourselves on the fantastic results we produce for our clients.  We use people and tools to get the best results.  All our surveillance teams use the most up to date cameras and devices to record conversations and gather vital photographic evidence of what is happening. This information is collected and forwarded to you securely and in a timely manner. A report is presented to you on completion and is yours to do with as you wish.

If there isn’t any truth to your suspicions then there is no harm done.  If, unfortunately, there is some truth to your suspicions then, based on facts, you can take time to think through your options.

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