Insurance Claims

Insurance companies face the ever increasing problem of insurance claim fraud. Insurers uncover 350 insurance frauds worth £3.6 million every day in the UK*. These fraudulent insurance or personal injury claims are an everyday occurrence and can involve both individuals or organised criminal groups that accumulate extensive amounts of money as well as putting peoples lives at risk.

Our private investigators are more than capable of dealing with your enquiry, whatever the scale of deception may be. We will acquire the additional evidence necessary for a fraudulent insurance claim by using the latest technical equipment as well as being completely professional yet discreet in our approach. This evidence will permit you, the insurance company, to be able to refuse a pay-out. This evidence must be hard evidence of lies or deception and we will also be available as witnesses if we are required to do so.

If you suspect a claim to be false, we have experienced insurance investigators who will obtain both verbal and written accounts, as well as obtaining all the necessary evidence to allow you, the insurer to question that claim.

We can provide evidence to false claims that involve the following; medical claims, personal injuries – general and car accidents, car repair claims and disability claims but we are not limited to these.

If you would like to carry out a discreet investigation involving a fraudulent insurance claim, our dedicated team would be more than happy to talk to you, firstly to discuss the case and gather all the necessary details and directives. We can then discuss possible alternative options for you and if you are then completely satisfied to go ahead, we will carry out the investigation for you. On completion we will supply you with all the gathered evidence so that you can validate or disprove the claim.

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* reference to the  Association of British Insurers