Q - I'm reluctant - how does it work?

A - Don’t worry, lots of people feel this way.  When you call you’ll either be talking with an investigator or one will call you soon after.  Our investigators are experienced in all types of enquiries and over the years have dealt with most of the problems people encounter.

In a nutshell, you describe to us what sort of situation concerns you.  In line with your wishes, we either continue the discussion over the phone or via e-mail, or arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time and location. You’ll be given free, confidential and no obligation advice to help you find the best way forward with your problem.  No matter what the issue is, don’t feel embarrassed because the chances are we’ve already helped clients like you before and our investigators will quickly make you feel at ease.

We send you a plan and quotation and if this meets with your approval we ask for a Client Agreement to be signed.  For clients from the general public, we ask for a retainer.