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Q - How do I recognise a good Private Investigator?

Always make sure that any investigation agency you use has at least one member who is listed on the Association of British Investigators. The ABI is the only association to be endorsed by The Law Society. The investigations industry is not regulated at the moment and this is a way to know you know you are dealing with someone who has the right level of training, experience, is DBS checked and has appropriate levels of insurance.

Q - I'm reluctant - how does it work?

A - Don’t worry, lots of people feel this way.  When you call you’ll either be talking with an investigator or one will call you soon after.  Our investigators are experienced in all types of enquiries and over the years have dealt with most of the problems people encounter.

In a nutshell, you describe to us what sort of situation concerns you.  In line with your wishes, we either continue the discussion over the phone or via e-mail, or arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time and location. You’ll be given free, confidential and no obligation advice to help you find the best way forward with your problem.  No matter what the issue is, don’t feel embarrassed because the chances are we’ve already helped clients like you before and our investigators will quickly make you feel at ease.

We send you a plan and quotation and if this meets with your approval we ask for a Client Agreement to be signed.  For clients from the general public, we ask for a retainer.

Q - Are all telephone calls and the initial consultation free and confidential?

A - Absolutely! Every phone call including the initial consultation, is totally free and confidential and there is no obligation. Whether or not you choose to retain us, we never share customer information with anyone. Your identity will be totally safeguarded. We abide by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Q - Do I have to sign a Client Agreement?

A - We prefer to always have a simple contract in place so that our clients are clear on shared understanding of objectives, price, payment terms and conditions.  Having an agreement avoids confusion in the very unusual circumstance it should arise.

Q - Do I have to pay a deposit or a retainer?

A - Past experience shows that we need to take a deposit or  retainer to ensure our new client will remain committed during the course of the Investigation.

Q - Will you guarantee results if I use your services?

A - While we do not guarantee any particular result from an investigation, we can say that the vast majority of our clients do get their investigative needs answered by our services.

Q - How should I make payment?

A - We accept payment by bank transfer, cash, cheque and PayPal.   TLPI Ltd appears as our account name.  Some private customers  choose to  withdraw cash and then pay that into our account at a bank to avoid any possibility of connection..

Q - How quickly can you start working for me?

A - This would depend on a number of factors including the nature of the work, availability of agents, preparation required, client agreement in place if required, and a deposit received. As an example of what may be possible: We received a call at 08:30 one day and we were in situ on surveillance by lunchtime that same day.

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