Ethical Honey Traps (online and offline)

Whatever the reason, there are many people who need or want to test whether one half of a couple is willing to cheat.  You may be a concerned relative or friend, a worried husband, a suspicious fiancée for example.  Using a so called ‘Honey Trap’ might help get the answers.

There has been a lot of discussion about ‘honey traps’ and whether they are ethical or not.  Certainly there do seem to be some organisations that will go all out to entice and seduce the unsuspecting male or female honey bee.  We have put a lot of thought into figuring out how to help our clients meet their objectives while maintaining the integrity of all concerned.

With our ethical honey traps we work with you to identify a method (online or in person), time and location to spring the trap.  We work with you to understand what sort of honey would be considered attractive and then our operative/s engage with the subject.  Their intent is to chat (online or offline) and understand if there is an appetite for exchanging contact details and a potential future date.  There will be NO physical contact.  We do not set out to prove a subject has cheated or entice them to cheat, instead we set out to understand whether there is a propensity or desire to cheat.

The outcome is usually one of three scenarios:

  1. Sometimes we are not successful in obtaining contact details.  Clients should consider carefully how they would feel if this were the outcome.  Would your curiosity be satisfied?
  2. Sometimes the contact details we are given are not real.  Again, would your curiosity be satisfied that this proves fidelity?
  3. If contact details that are provided prove to be real, then we discuss options for moving forward with you.

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