Process Serving


Our process serving service offers statutory demands through to petitions, divorce documentations, claim forms and more. We always act with complete discretion to serve documents in line with your instructions and all of our process servers are regularly trained and updated on changes that directly affect the way in which they carry out their job in line with new legislation.

Our Process Servers will use all direct methods allowable within the law to ensure that the documents are served to your exact instruction and It’s more than just handing a set of documents to another person; it’s about making sure the process is served correctly in every case.

Whether you are a firm of solicitors, a company, a private client or local authority, the Lady Private Investigators are here to deliver your legal documents efficiently and professionally and within your given time frame.

The majority of our process serving is carried out on a set fee basis with up to 3 visits included – this means there are no extra charges for multiple visits or mileage.  Whether your documents need serving in a private residence or place of work, our experienced process servers will work conscientiously on your behalf to get the document served as swiftly as possible.

Once your documents are served we will complete all the relevant paperwork such as  statements of service and sworn affidavits  and any information that you supply to us will be securely stored for the duration of the case. It will then be destroyed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  We are registered with the ICO so you can rest assured that we will follow the guidelines set out in the Data Protection Act rigorously.


At The Lady Private Investigators our process servers are trained and highly skilled in making sure the process is served correctly in every case

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