The case of the sugar daddy...

Imagine being married for 23 years. You’ve raised your children and supported your husband emotionally and practically helping build a number of businesses. Life is good. Then you get a feeling that something in your marriage isn’t quite right. Your husband seems to be making excuses to spend less time at home, he spends less time with the children, and he seems to be generally more distant.

You raise your concerns with your husband, but he replies that it’s all in your imagination, nothing has changed and you need to stop being paranoid or you’ll drive him away. You’ve been looking forward to a couple’s holiday that is an annual event with friends. You think it will be good to reconnect with your husband during that time away. The day before departure, he says there are some pressing work matters that need his attention and he must stay at home for a couple of days to get the work done. Your suspicions are raised and you ask a friend who lives opposite to watch the house. Your friend sees him leave the house just 10 minutes after you do. She follows him and sees him meet a woman 20 years his junior and greet her with an intimate kiss. She sees them go into a nearby restaurant holding hands and kissing and cuddling. You hear this news while at the airport checked in alone for your ‘couples’ holiday. This is what happened to our client. She contacted us a few months after this time. Her husband had since moved out but was very clear he was not having an affair. He had started freezing our client out of the business’s and had cut her and the kids off financially pleading lack of money. Our client had meanwhile found out that he had acted as Guarantor on a flat for the younger woman, booked a holiday for them both and purchased a £4000 watch.

Our remit was threefold: 1) to gain photographic evidence that the husband was having an intimate relationship with the younger woman 2) to photograph the watch the woman was wearing 3) to gain video or photo evidence that the husband and younger woman used the tickets and actually went on holiday together.

We were able to photograph the couple leaving the woman’s flat early one morning and take public transport to the airport. We were able to overhear their conversation and gain clear photo’s of the watch the woman was wearing – a lovely Cartier piece. We saw them arrive at the airport and we video’ed them going through check-in, passport control and security. The job was done by two investigators en route and one at the airport.

Whilst not a pleasant experience for our client, she now has peace of mind and knows she was not imagining things and was not paranoid. By learning the truth she has regained control. Listening to her, it is the lies that have hurt more than anything else. While the situation is difficult she says that if her husband had been truthful she would feel much more able to have a positive relationship with him moving forward. As it is, neither she nor their kids want anything to do with him at the moment.

We wish her and her family well. The truth always does seem to come out, but sometimes it just needs a little helping hand.

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Case closed.