Children need both parents!

Recently we have been helping fathers who have become estranged from their children – most notably not of their own doing. There are some truly heart-breaking stories.

If you are a mother or father who is having difficulty co-parenting, there are some fantastic charities ready to help. These organisations do some great work to help parents work together for the benefit of their child.

Families Need Fathers (FNF)

Families Need Fathers is a registered UK charity which provides information and support to parents, including unmarried parents, of either sex. FNF is chiefly concerned with the problems of maintaining a child's relationship with both parents during and after family breakdown. Founded in 1974, FNF helps thousands of parents every year. If you ever buy anything from Amazon, please visit the FNF site and access Amazon through the link. FNF will then receive a 5% donation from Amazon on whatever you spend and it all adds up.

The Fatherhood Institute

The Fatherhood Institute is another great charity with the vision of a society in which there’s a great dad for every child – a society that:

  • gives all children a strong and positive relationship with their father and any father-figures
  • supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers, and
  • prepares boys and girls for a future shared role in caring for children.


Gingerbread help single parents work towards equal families. Since 1918, they have provided expert advice, practical support and campaigned for single parents.

Sadly, sometimes relationships have broken down to such an extent that one parent purposefully excludes the other from contact. This applies to some of the cases we have worked on. We’ve been able to provide peace of mind by finding the absent parent (and child/children). We do this in the hope that relationships may be re-built and parents will use the services on offer by charities such as those above to work together.

If you have been affected by your co-parent trying to limit or exclude your contact with your child/children, please do contact us for a confidential chat on 0800 688 9007 or send us an email to