It's never been so easy to fake sickness to an employer!

In recent months The Lady Private Investigators have noticed an increase in discussions and awareness about employee’s pretending to be unfit for work in order to get paid time off.

In 2014 the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development estimated UK employee absence at 131 million lost working days costing almost £29 billion. Now there are websites such as who will provide NHS 'Statement of Fitness for Work' Official Form Med 3 within 48 hours at a cost of £9.99 for 2!

The Mail online published an interesting article on August 31st 2016 about fake sickness. The Medical Defence Union (who work to protect doctors in legal issues) have also warned medical staff to be vigilant about fake sick notes and produced this report. Both pieces describe how a student had produced a sick note to support an extension to a deadline but the student hadn’t been to their GP for 2 years. There are concerns and ongoing debate as to whether a medical practice should divulge any information about the patient, even whether they are registered to the practice, in fear of breaching confidence.

Of course nobody is suggesting that the majority of employee sickness isn’t genuine and justified. In fact, most of us know of at least one colleague who insists on coming into work when contagious and then spreading their germs. However, in a recent study by CareerBuilder more than 30% of those surveyed admitted they had lied about sickness to get time off work says Daily News.

So how are organisations supposed to manage this? The implications of sickness absence on your workforce may be hugely impactful, ranging from financial through to motivational and customer service issues. You may have a robust sickness absence management policy in place, but do you know what employee absence is actually costing you and your business? Do you have possible issues with any employees? Are there any instances where you’d like to know and be able to prove the actuality of the situation?

The Lady Private Investigators provide a confidential service to prove the truth. Using multi-faceted methods we get answers quickly and effectively. We have developed a technique of providing you with a holistic view of the subject. Our average billable time per case is 8 hours and at a starting cost of £40 per hour, it’s easy to see how our clients gain a rapid return on their investment.

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