The Case of Happy Endings

On a recent visit to a local business show we met Paul who was there exhibiting. We told each other what our companies did as usual at these events. Paul told us that after 23 years of marriage his wife had announced that she was in love with someone else and was leaving him. She left him the next day.

Paul talked about the shock and sadness that he felt. He went on to say that a few weeks later he got a phone call out of the blue from an old girlfriend he hadn’t seen in many years. They met for coffee, and eventually rekindled their romance. Paul has now been happy with his new love for 2 years. He explained that to move on fully he felt he needed official closure on his marriage.

Paul asked us to try and find his wife so that he could serve divorce papers. All he’d heard since the day she left was second hand information about the approximate area she’d moved to. He warned it wouldn’t be easy because she wasn’t UK born and as far as he was aware she didn’t use social media and would be renting. After all the time they’d spent together he did know her very well though and shared details about her relatives, friends and hobbies. We were delighted to tell him a week later that we had been able to find her via good old hard work and creativity.

We wish her and her partner continued happiness and Paul and his new love all the very best of luck in this next chapter of their lives.

(Personal details have been changed to protect identity).