I’m thinking of doing my own surveillance – what should I consider?

Modern technology has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact with each other and we now live in a world of mobile phones, cameras and the ever expanding internet of things. Do these gadgets make it easier for people to communicate secretly? Most of us will answer yes to this question. So when someone is communicating slyly how are you supposed to know what is happening? Could they potentially be: arranging a surprise party; working on the run; having an affair; addicted to gambling or sex sites; committing theft or fraud; conspiring for terrorist purposes or a hundred other reasons?

If you are considering doing your own covert surveillance for a serious purpose what should you take into account?

Websites like eBay or Amazon offer a huge range of cameras, recorders and listening devices. Some of these can be very helpful in certain areas, think of a baby monitor or doggycam as examples. Yes you can easily buy hidden cameras, vehicle trackers and listening gadgets. The devices that get the best results are usually not the cheapest – its mostly true that you do get what you pay for so professional equipment is worth considering. Some gadgets can be complex and time consuming to set-up and require thorough testing before use. You’ll need to educate yourself fully in the use of each device too. There is always a very real risk when using technology that the target will find it. This risk can be minimized by knowing the best way to conceal the device whilst still positioning it to ensure optimal results.

Whilst technology can help to enhance surveillance, it is often the traditional methods that have the greatest chance of success. However, unless you know how to follow someone without being seen and have the learned the art of being inconspicuous, you are very likely to fail. We’ve all seen surveillance in the movies, but the reality is very different. Surveillance skills can be taught and are honed via practice and experience. Would you trust a matter that is important to you to someone who has zero training or real-life experience? We think not. A knowledge of psychology and behaviour play a huge part in surveillance too. Being one step ahead can be the difference between successful surveillance or losing track of the subject's movements. Emotions have no place when carrying out surveillance. Being emotionally detached from a situation is critical in order to keep a clear mind and act in an objective manner at all times.

Whilst you may have great intentions and lots of common sense, unless you have knowledge and experience in actually undertaking surveillance operations you are likely to fail. Even worse, the person that you are suspicious of may find out. If the latter occurs, they will almost certainly adjust their behaviour, delete or clean up any evidence and begin acting differently, usually taking extra care to cover their tracks. This then deprives you of any peace of mind, because you will not know if their new behaviour is genuine or deeply deceptive? This may mean you’ve missed the best and sometimes the only chance to gather information and find out what is actually going on.

There are many people, just like you, who will be thinking of contacting an investigator for the first time. We are a caring, friendly and highly professional team. We know how to actively listen and we are also non-judgemental. If you are considering conducting surveillance on someone, please call us first for a chat so that we can help guide you in the direction that will get you the information you require quickly and with minimal risk.

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