Brangelina divorce: allegedly the story is uncovered with help from Private Investigators

This week we can’t escape from the news that the marriage of arguably Hollywood’s most famous couple came to an end, reportedly thanks in part to some clandestine work from a private investigator.

According to Page Six, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after a detective she had hired gathered evidence of his infidelity amongst other undesirable activities.

Jolie is of course not the first celebrity to enlist the help of a private investigator. Hiring professional help to get to the facts is a growing trend. Very public cases like ‘Brangelina’ have drawn attention to the investigation industry as a whole, which according to IBISWorld was predicted to grow 2% last year, fuelled by a rising divorce rate and increase in disposable income.

Cases like Brangelina’s pique interest in investigative services for more than just celebrities. When something like this happens, anyone who has been wondering what to do about their own situation of suspected infidelity may think, “Ah ha it is possible for me to get to the truth so I should speak with a private investigation company.”

The average person is unlikely to want the same level of investigation that Jolie might have enlisted. At The Lady Private Investigators we work with our clients to focus on how to get the maximum return for minimum effort and cost. This can include starting with scaleable electronic tools (like a tracker) which may inform whether the subject is or is not where they are supposed to be. If a pattern is evident, we find that capitalising on the pattern is to our client’s advantage. At an average cost of around £40 per hour, our services become surprisingly affordable, especially when evidence of the truth is concerned. With relationships, finances, and children in the mix within divorces the stakes are very high indeed.

For the rich and famous in particular, working with huge companies who deploy armies of surveillance experts to cover every angle at hundreds of pounds per hour may be a sensible investment. Celebrities may have more to gain from hiring a private investigator than the most people, often to avoid letting their personal issues play out in public. The more damaging the information that is found in the private investigation, the more likely it is that the couple will settle out of court. This is particularly true in child custody battles. If we believe what we read, Jolie reportedly has asked for physical custody of the couple’s six children in her divorce filing.

Information that could affect these arrangements includes drug and alcohol use and other behaviour that could affect the safety of children. Upon breaking the news of the divorce, The Telegraph reported that Jolie was upset with Pitt’s parenting methods, anger issues and use of marijuana. Some might conclude this is a public relations ploy to help her case – and Jolie’s divorce under Laura Wasser, the 'disso queen' seems to be full steam ahead.

It’s a sad story there is no doubt. However, if Angelina is now armed with the truth it does give her a strengthened position both in her emotional recovery from her marriage and from a bargaining position during the divorce.

We wish both her, Brad and their children a peaceful transition to the next chapter of their lives. Two final thoughts:

  1. Once a cheater always a cheater
  2. Treat others how you would wish to be treated yourself – think on that Angelina!

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