The Case of a Light Fingered Flatmate

Jill was worried about her 38 year old son Ben.  Ben lived over 100 miles away, and Jill often mailed him goods she had baked or small presents she had bought.  Ben shared a flat with 4 other people and the newest member was a 26 year old female - we will call her Lisa.  Parcels and other items (such as an expensive Hugo Boss leather jacket) had gone missing since Lisa moved in and Ben suspected Lisa of taking them.  He decided to ask her if anything of hers had disappeared and gauge her reaction.  They were alone in the kitchen when he broached the subject and she reacted by shouting out "Don't touch me, get off me get off me."  Ben wasn't near her but he clearly understood her implied threat.  Jill asked us to help.  Her objective was to protect her son and ideally have the flatmate leave.

We provided recommendations and advice including that surveillance equipment be used by Ben.  We helped Jill purchase a small tracking device and she sent a gift by post to Ben with the tracker inside.  The parcel apparently never arrived, but the tracker showed it was indeed in the house.  The flatmates worked together to locate the gift (and hidden tracker) in a bag in Lisa's room and together they gave her the choice of involving the Police or her moving out.  Lisa was gone within the week.  Jill sleeps a little easier these days. 

Case closed.