The Case of Hair Wars

Our client Susan owned a number of hair dressing salons.  She had recently decided to close her smallest shop because she wanted to concentrate on a larger one she owned a short distance away.  Her hope was that her existing clients would ‘move’ with her and business would continue as before, albeit in a new and improved location. 

Susan had been approached by Tiffany who was the owner of the Beauty Salon that was situated next door to Susan's small closed shop.  Tiffany explained that her beauty business was booming and she needed additional space for more treatment rooms, a spray tan area and some sunbeds.  They negotiated a price and the sale was proceeding via the solicitors.

Not long after the deal was struck, Susan heard that Tiffany was telling her beauty clients that she was buying the old hair salon because she was going to run it as a hair salon herself.  Tiffany wanted to provide a service for her clients meaning they could come for hair and beauty treatments in the one location.  Tiffany had also apparently been bad-mouthing Susan.  Susan understandably wanted to know if there was any truth to the rumours so she called in The Lady Private Investigators. 

We were able to obtain evidence that proved Tiffany was indeed intending to re-open the shop as a hair dressing salon.  Tiffany was not complimentary when talking to her clients about the way that Susan had run her business, however, neither were some of the salon's old customers.  When Susan received the evidence, she said that while it was not good news, at least she knew the truth.  Indeed, some of the feedback we provided on what her old customers were saying she found insightful and enlightening.  She was going to take the feedback into consideration to improve customer satisfaction in her remaining salons.  Susan's intention from a commercial standpoint was to re-visit (and raise) the price she had agreed with Tiffany based on a beauty salon expansion rather than a rival hair salon expansion.

We wish both Susan and Tiffany good luck with their new business ventures.

Case Closed