Nightmare Nannies, Childminders and Nurseries

There has been story after story of parents being shocked to find out that their baby or child has been mistreated or neglected by their nanny, childminder or nursery Reddit - Parenting and in the case of 3 month old baby girl Rylan, she was killed when her nanny smashed her head against the table for wriggling whilst trying to change her nappy. Daily Mail Article

At The Lady PI we believe that undertaking a thorough background check on the person or nursery that you are considering is essential. While nothing in life is guaranteed, a background check can help you make a smart decision based on verified facts. Your peace of mind and your child’s safety and happiness are worth it.

Call us on 0800 688 9007 to talk about how we can work together to find out if the people you have selected to help you with your childcare are who they say they are and are trustworthy to look after your most precious possession, your child.